How to Iron a Silk Shirt: Step-by-Step Guide

Turn the shirt inside out and lay it flat on the ironing board so that the dull backside of the silk is facing skyward. Use a spray bottle to add moisture to the wrinkled area, and cover it with a cotton pressing cloth such as a pillowcase. Turn the iron on to the lowest heat setting possible and activate the steam function. Use the iron to gently hand press the wrinkles out of the silk shirt and proceed to air dry the garment once finished. 

This is How to Iron a Silk Shirt: Step-by-Step Instructions

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This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to iron a silk shirt. 

This article includes detailed photos with every step, as well as a video tutorial. This is your complete guide on ironing silk shirts. 


Provide the proper laundry care to your silk shirts by reviewing our step-by-step guides, below.  

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How to Iron a Silk Shirt

Using the iron is the best way to get wrinkles out of a silk shirt and can be done in 5 to 8 minutes at home. Learn how to iron silk shirts so that you can save yourself a few trips to the dry cleaners!

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Carefully review the instructions below to learn how to iron a silk shirt

What You'll Need:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board 
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • A cotton press cloth (ex: bandana, pillowcase, thin towel, handkerchief)
  • A clean silk shirt

1. Turn the Shirt Inside Out

Turn the silk shirt inside out so that the sheen side is flat on the ironing board and the dull backside is facing skywards. Always iron silk shirts from the dull backside. Make sure the shirt is placed flat and evenly on the ironing board.
photo of a man turning a blue silk shirt inside out

2. Add Moisture to the Silk

Grab a spray bottle filled with room temperature water and use the mist setting to add moisture to the silk shirt. Your shirt should be slightly damp but not soaking wet. If your shirt has deep creases or stubborn wrinkles, you may want to add a little more water than usual. 

photo of a man using a spray bottle filled with water to add moisture to a silk shirt

3. Use the Lowest Heat Setting

Turn the iron on to the lowest heat setting possible. If you iron has a silk setting, use that. 

photo of an irons heat settings with the dial set to the low setting

4. Cover With a Press Cloth

Place a cotton press cloth (I use a bandana) on top of the wrinkled area that you wish to iron. Never press a hot iron directly onto the fabric of your silk shirt; always keep a pressing cloth in between the iron and the silk. 

a cotton press cloth laying on top of a silk shirt on an ironing board

5. Hand Press the Iron

Proceed to hand press the iron down on the wrinkled areas. Do not slide the iron back and forth on the fabric. Instead, briefly press the iron down, lift it up, and re-apply the iron until your silk shirt is wrinkle free. Hand press the iron as opposed to sliding the iron. 

a photo of a man hand pressing an iron onto a press cloth which is covering a silk shirt

6. Air Dry

Once finished, hang or lay flat to air dry in a cool room out of contact with direct sunlightNever put a silk shirt in the dryer

photo of a man hanging up a freshly ironed silk shirt to air dry


  • Never press a hot iron directly onto silk fabric. Place a press cloth made from cotton in between the iron and the silk shirt.
  • Do not dry your silk shirt in direct sunlight.
  • Never use the dryer to dry your silk shirt. Tumble drying your silk shirt will lead to severe damage. 
  • Be sure to iron your silk shirt from the dull backside, not the shimmering and glossy front side. 
  • Never iron a dry silk shirt, always add water moisture until it is slightly damp first before you iron. 
  • Never pull, twist, or wring your silk shirt. Air dry or towel roll the shirt if you are looking to remove excess water. 
  • If to lowest heat setting on the iron is ineffective for removing wrinkles, gradually raise the heat level until you find a sweet spot.

Watch our step-by-step video below on how to iron a silk shirt

To learn how to iron other types of delicate garments and fabrics, please review our care guides below. 

How to Iron a Silk Shirt FAQ

Can you iron a 100% silk shirt?

Iron 100% silk shirts by turning it inside out, laying it flat on the ironing board, using a spray bottle to add moisture, and then covering the wrinkled areas that you wish to iron, with a thin cotton pressing cloth. Once ready, adjust the heat settings on the iron to the lowest setting possible, and hand press the 100% silk fabric until it is completely wrinkle free. 

Is it better to steam or iron silk?

If your silk garment has deep and stubborn wrinkles then using an iron will be more effective than a steamer. If your silk garment has subtle wrinkles and light creases, then a seamer might be equally as useful as an iron. 

What setting do I iron silk on?

Iron silk on the lowest heat setting possible. If your iron has a silk/delicate/gentle setting, you may also use that. Always use lowest heat setting to iron silk, as silk can be burnt and damaged easily. 

Do silk shirts need ironing?

Silk shirts wrinkle easily and will likely need to be ironed at some point, especially if you've had them folded in a drawer or suitcase. Ironing silk is easy, and can be done with an iron, ironing board, cotton pressing cloth, and spray bottle filled with water.