How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Silk Without an Iron

Using a steamer is the best way to get wrinkles out of silk if you do not have access to an iron. Use the steamer with long downward strokes to gently remove wrinkles from your silk clothing. If you do not have a steamer, try hanging your silk in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam emitted from the hot shower water can help to straighten your silk fabric. 

This is: How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk Without an Iron.

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This article teaches you 4 different methods that you can use to get wrinkles out of silk without an iron. 


Use our detailed care guides to make sure you are caring for your silk clothing using the best ways possible.

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk Without an Iron

Below are four simple methods you can use to help you get wrinkles out of silk without using an iron

Use a Steamer

Steamers are a great alternative way to get wrinkles out of silk if you do not have access to an iron. 

To get wrinkles out of silk with a steamer, follow the following steps:

  1. Turn your silk garment inside out and hang it.
  2. Fill your steamer’s water tank with fresh clean water.
  3. Turn the steam on and wait for it to fully power up.
  4. Begin to steam the silk garment by using long downward strokes until all the wrinkles and creases have been removed.

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Hang the Garment

One simple way to remove wrinkles from silk is by simply hanging the garment and letting gravity do its work!

Simply get a hanger, attach the garment, and then be sure to store it in a cool dry place that is out of contact with direct sunlight

Although this method is easy and free, the drawback is that it may take one or two days for the silk garment to flatten out. So if you need a silk shirt ready in one hour, this may not be the method you choose.

Use Hot Shower Water

Using hot shower water to get wrinkles out of silk can be a very effective way to flatten your garment. Start by first taking your garment into the bathroom, and finding a place to hang it neatly by the shower.

Turn the water on extra hot (don't burn yourself), and use the steam coming from the hot shower water to help get some of those annoying wrinkles out of your silk. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed and the fan off so that the bathroom retains as much steam as possible.

This method is quite useful and only takes 15 minutes to complete.

Take to Dry Cleaners

Taking your wrinkled silk garment to the dry cleaners is a convenient fourth option to get wrinkles out of silk.

Dry cleaning service may cost a few extra dollars, but your silk will come back crisp, flat, and fresh.

If you just want to get the shirt ironed, you may even be able to receive express service and get the garment back immediately or within a few hours.

Make sure you are extra careful to notify the staff at the dry cleaners that the garment is indeed silk and should be cared for appropriately. Silk fabric is very delicate and needs to receive a specific method of care when it comes to washing, drying, or ironing silk.

How to get Wrinkles out of Silk Without an Iron FAQ

How do you unwrinkle silk?

You can unwrinkle silk by using an iron or steamer. You can also unwrinkle silk by hanging it overnight in a cool dry place, or by taking it to the dry cleaners. Do not use a dryer to attempt to unwrinkle your silk clothing.

Can you put silk in the dryer to get wrinkles out?