How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk: 4 Effective Methods!

Using either an iron or a steamer are the two best ways to get wrinkles out of silk. To use an iron, turn your silk inside out, lay it flat on an ironing board, use a spray bottle to add moisture, and then cover with a pressing cloth and proceed hand press. To use a steamer, turn the silk inside out and use long downward strokes with the steamer head as you work from the top of the garment to the bottom.

This is How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk: 4 Effective Methods!

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Our article How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk: 4 Effective Methods provides you with detailed, easy to follow instructions that will allow you to get wrinkles out of your silk pajamas, silk blouse, silk shirt, silk dress, silk pillowcase, silk lingerie, and more. 


Use our detailed care guides to make sure you are caring for your silk clothing using the best ways possible.

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk 

There are a handful of methods you can use to get wrinkles out of silk, but the most effective way to do so is by using an iron. An iron allows you to remove wrinkles and creases from silk quickly and easily. No matter how deep or stubborn the wrinkles in your silk clothing are, by using an iron you will be able to make your silk look fresh and new once again.  

Continue reading to find step-by-step instructions on the four best methods to use when trying to get wrinkles out of silk

How to Iron Silk

Follow the steps or watch our video below to learn how to iron silk.

  1. Turn your silk garment inside out and lay flat on the ironing board, so that the dull backside is exposed and facing skywards. Silk should always be ironed from the dull backside.  
  2. Use a spray bottle filled with water to add moisture to the silk fabric. Your silk should be slightly damp but not soaking wet. 
  3. Place a cotton pressing cloth, such as a bandana or pillowcase, overtop of the area you wish to iron. Never press a hot iron directly onto silk fabric. 
  4. Turn the iron on and adjust the heat setting to the lowest heat setting possible. If your iron has a silk setting, use that, otherwise just set it to the lowest heat setting.
  5. Proceed to hand press the iron down onto the wrinkled areas, always making sure that the press cloth is in between the iron and the silk.
  6. Do not slide the iron back and forth on the fabric. Press the iron down for a brief moment, remove it from the fabric, and repeat until your silk is completely wrinkle free. 

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How to Steam Silk

If you do not have access to an iron, then using a steamer is the next best way to get wrinkles out of silk. 

Follow the instructions below to successfully steam silk. 

  1. Fill the water tank with fresh clean water. Do not use stale old water to steam your clothes with. 
  2. Power the steamer on
  3. Turn your silk inside out and hang evenly. The dull backside of the silk should now be exposed.
  4. Pick up the steamer and proceed to use long downward strokes to get wrinkles out of the silk. Work your way from the top of the garment to the bottom.
  5. Use your free hand to pull and adjust the garment to add tension to the fabric. This helps the steamer do its job. 
  6. Once finished, allow the garment to air dry in a cool place out of contact with direct sunlight.

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How to Use Hot Shower Water

Using hot shower water to get wrinkles out of silk can be a very effective way to flatten your garment. Start by first taking your garment into the bathroom, and finding a place to hang it neatly by the shower.

Turn the water on extra hot and use the steam coming from the hot shower water to help get some of those annoying wrinkles out of your silk. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed and the fan off so that the bathroom retains as much steam as possible.

This method is quite useful and only takes 15 minutes to complete.

Take to Dry Cleaners

Taking your wrinkled silk garment to the dry cleaners is a convenient way to get wrinkles out of silk.

Dry cleaning service may cost a few extra dollars, but your silk will come back crisp, flat, and fresh.

If you just want to get the shirt ironed, you may even be able to receive express service and get the garment back immediately or within a few hours.

How to get Wrinkles out of Silk FAQ

How do you fix wrinkled silk?

The best way to fix wrinkled silk is by using an iron. Use your iron on the lowest heat setting possible, and hand press your damp silk garment from the dull backside. Always keep a cotton press cloth in between the hot iron and the silk fabric. 

How do you get wrinkles out of silk without an iron?

Besides an iron, the next best option for getting wrinkles out of silk is by using a steam machine. If you do not have a steamer, you may also hang your silk in the bathroom while you are having a hot shower, in order to make use of the steam being made by the shower water.

Can 100% silk be ironed?

Yes, 100% silk can be ironed. First turn your silk garment inside out, lay it flat on an ironing board, and use a spray bottle filled with water to add moisture to the fabric. Cover the area you wish to iron with a cotton press cloth, and turn the iron on to the lowest heat settings possible. Use the iron to hand press the silk until all the wrinkles have been completely removed.