Does Satin Wrinkle? (ANSWERED)

Satin is not easily wrinkled, however this depends on a number of factors. Satin can be made from different types of fibers, both natural and synthetic, and can come in a variety of different thickness levels. The most wrinkle resistant satin fabric is a thick satin made from polyester fiber. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that has been specially treated so that it is wrinkle resistant. 

This is Does Satin Wrinkle? (ANSWERED)

wrinkled blue silk satin shirt and an unwrinkled blue silk satin shirt

Satin is a delicate fabric that requires the proper type of care when washing, ironing, drying or storing. 

This article will teach you about satin, why satin wrinkles, how to prevent satin from accumulating wrinkles, and how to get wrinkles out of satin. 


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Does Satin Wrinkle?

Satin does not wrinkle particularly easily, but it also depends on several different conditions. For example, satin fabric can be made from different types of fibers (silk, polyester, rayon) and can also have different levels of thickness, also known as momme (19mm, 22mm, 25mm). 

The type of fiber your satin fabric is made from is an important indicator of how easily it will become wrinkled. The thickness of the fabric is also an important factor when it comes to satin and wrinkles. 

Both of these factors are discussed in detail below. 

Which Fibre is the Satin Made From?

Satin can be made from different types of fibers, which will affect how easily the satin becomes wrinkled. Satin is a type of weave, and this weave can be employed on a number of different fibers such as silk, polyester, rayon, and even cotton and wool

Satin made from synthetic fibers such as polyester will wrinkle less easily than natural types of satin, because polyester is a made man fiber that is specially treated with chemicals to be wrinkle resistant. 

Satins made from softer natural fibers, such as silk, are much less wrinkle resistant but are also much more luxurious. Silk satin is considered to be the finest type of satin, however it does become wrinkled more easily than the more affordable but less luxurious polyester satin

How Thick is Satin?

A satin's thickness is a major determining factor in how easily it can become wrinkled. Satin is typically a thicker fabric, which means that it is less wrinkle prone than most other fabrics, but this doesn't mean it is wrinkle proof. 

While the majority of satins are made with a thick fabric, there are still satins that are quite thin and lightweight, which means they will tend to develop wrinkles much more easily.

For example, a thin satin fabric that is made from 15 momme silk is much more likely to become wrinkled than a silk satin made from 25 momme silk

How is the Satin Stored?

To avoid creating wrinkles on your satin garments, you should either hang or lay flat while it is stored in your closet. If you fold or roll your satin, it is possible that it will develop some light wrinkles and creases while in storage.  

When traveling, if your roll or fold your satin clothing in a tightly packed suitcase, you are more likely to see the creation deep wrinkles and creases. 

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Satin

The best way to get wrinkles out of satin is by using an iron. An iron is able to get stubborn wrinkles to deep creases out of satin fabric, and can be done in just a few minutes at home. If you do not have an iron, the next best option is to use a steamer to flatten satin.

To learn more, please read our step-by-step guide outlining How to Get Wrinkles Out of Satin

Does Satin Wrinkle FAQ

Does satin get wrinkled?

Satin can get wrinkled, however it depends on which fiber the satin is made from as well as how thick the satin is. Thick satin made from polyester will be the most wrinkle resistant kind of satin. Thin satin made from silk will be the type of satin least resistant to wrinkles. 

How do you keep satin from creasing?

Keep your satin from creasing by either hanging or laying it flat while stored in your closet. Folding or rolling your satin clothing for long durations of time will result in some degree of wrinkles and creases.

Does satin need ironing?

Silk satin needs to be ironed if it becomes wrinkled. Iron silk satin clothing by turning the garment inside out and laying it flat on an ironing board. Use a spray bottle filled with water to add moisture to the satin, and then cover the area you wish to iron with a thin cotton press cloth. Turn the iron on to the lowest heat setting and make sure the steam setting is activated. Hand press the iron until the wrinkles are completely removed from the satin garment.