Premium Men's Silk Pajama Pants

Men's silk pajama pants are the greatest form of luxury and enjoyment at home. Silk pajamas feel incredible on the skin and carry their own unique and sophisticated style. Waking up in a pair of silk pajama pants is the best way to jump start your day and will help you to feel fresh, energized, and confident in the mornings.

Our Premium Men's Silk Pajama Pants are hand stitched and made from the best 100% pure mulberry silk.

Men's Silk Pajama Pants

All of our 1000 Kingdoms Men's Silk Pajama Pants are made from high quality 22 momme pure mulberry silk. They all have 2 side pockets and a silk drawstring waistband.

Each of the 5 silk pajama pants in our collection come in a set, together with a matching long sleeve silk pajama shirt. 

We sell high quality affordable men's silk pajamas with the best designs and craftsmanship in the men's lounge and sleepwear category. 

Men's Blue Silk Pajama Pants

Our "Lost in Ibiza" Men's Blue Silk Pajama Pants will have you feeling like you are swimming in crystal clear tropical waters. These silk pajama pants are made with 100% mulberry silk and have navy blue accents laid upon a shimmering aqua blue color.  

These men's pants are part of an incredible blue silk pajama set that can be only be found here at 1000 Kingdoms. 

men's blue silk pajama pants by 1000 Kingdoms

Lost in Ibiza - Men's Blue Silk Pajama Pants

Men's Red Silk Pajama Pants

These beautiful Red Silk Pajama Pants for Men are sophisticated, alluring, and extremely comfortable. These 22 momme mulberry silk pajama pants are perfect to wear around the house year round, but are particularly suitable for holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

During Chinese New Year the color red is very meaningful and is believed to bring good luck and riches. Those are the kind of vibes I want to goto sleep with every night!

These silk pajama pants are made from blazing red mulberry silk and are lined with true black silk accents at the waistband, cuffs, and pockets. These pajama pants come with a drawstring waistband and have are cut with a modern fit. These pants are part of a pajama set. 

Men's red silk pajama pants by 1000 Kingdoms

Twist of Fate - Men's Red Silk Pajama Pants

Men's Black Silk Pajama Pants

These black silk pajama pants come in a mens silk pajama set with a matching shirt that is also lined with fiery red mulberry silk. Our silk pajamas are made with the finest craftsmanship and are made from 100% pure high quality silk. 

Going to sleep in this silk pajama set will enhance your comfortability in bed and lead to a more restful night. Our black silk pajama pants are at the top of luxury and relaxation, and together with the matching pajama shirt you are sure to experience the ultimate level of satisfaction.

Men's black silk pajama pants

Dark Fantasy - Men's Black Silk Pajama Pants

Men's Midnight Blue Silk Pajama Pants

These Midnight Blue Silk Pajama Pants absolutely shine. These shimmering blue silk pajama pants come with a white silk accent at the pockets and clean white piping around the cuff. 

Our "Recurring Dream" men's silk pajama pants have a drawstring waistband and come in sizes from S to XL. These pants are part of a silk pajama set that are perfect for lounging around the house as well as for going to sleep in. 

Men's midnight blue silk pajama pants

Recurring Dream - Men's Midnight Blue Silk Pajama Pants

Men's Black and Pink Silk Pajama Pants

One of our most unique designs, these black and pink silk pajama pants are seductive, electric, and fun. These pants are made from gleaming black mulberry silk paired with hot pink mulberry silk accents around the cuffs and pockets. 

We like the pink color so much that we just might come out with a hot pink men's silk pajama set sometime soon. For now we will continue to enjoy these sparkling black and pink silk pajama pants from this great men's silk pajama set. 

Men's black and pink silk pajama pants by 1000 Kingdoms

Moment of Connection - Men's Black and Pink Silk Pajama Pants 

What is Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk is widely considered to be the finest and most luxurious type of silk. Mulberry silk is a natural fabric produced by silkworms after being fed mulberry leaves until they have grown enough to spin their silk cocoons. This process is known as sericulture and takes about 6 weeks to complete. 

After being extracted from the silkworm cocoons, the silk threads are spun and then weaved together to create the silk fabric we have all come to love and enjoy.

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How To Wash Silk Pajama Pants

Before attempting to wash your silk pajama pants you first must check the item's care label. Some silk pajamas are dry clean only which means you should not attempt to wash at home. 

If you are able to machine wash your silk pajama pants you should begin by first turning your pajama pants inside out. Then you must place them into a mesh laundry bag before you place them into the washer. Use the delicate setting on the washing machine and add silk laundry detergent. You should also set the washing machine to the shortest wash duration possible. 

When finished use a towel to press or take your silk pajama pants to a cool place out of direct sunlight to lay flat and dry. 

If you would prefer to wash your silk pajama pants by hand then proceed to turn the pants inside out and fill a basin with lukewarm water not exceeding 77°F/25°C. Add silk laundry detergent and submerge the pajama pants in the water for 3 minutes.

Once 3 minutes has elapsed use your hands to mix and agitate the pants in the water. Once finished place the pajama pants under the tap and run cool water over them until the water runs clear and the soap is removed.

Use a towel to press dry or take your silk pajama pants to a cool place out of direct sunlight to lay flat and dry.

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How to Iron Silk Pajama Pants

To iron silk pajama pants you will need:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A spray bottle
  • A cotton press cloth (ex. bandana, pillowcase, thin towel, handkerchief) 

First turn your silk pajama pants inside out so that you can iron from the dull backside. Lay the pants flat on the ironing board and add moisture to them by filling the spray bottle with water and using the mist function to spray. Your pants should be damp but not soaking wet. 

Turn the iron on to the lowest heat setting possible, or if you iron has a silk preset, use that. Place the press cloth overtop of the area you wish to iron and proceed to briefly press the iron down to get the wrinkles out. Do not slide the iron around on the pajama pants, but rather press, remove, and reapply. 

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Where to Buy Silk Pajama Pants

Our collection of men's silk pajama sets at 1000 Kingdoms are all made from 100% premium mulberry silk. Lightweight, soft, and silky smooth, our pajama sets you will feel have you feeling relaxed and luxurious around home.  

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Man wearing a men's blue silk pajama set from 1000 Kingdoms