Mens Silk Pajamas: A Full Guide

There are a number of factors to look at when considering which pair of Mens Silk Pajamas are the perfect choice for you. Some of the things to look at include the type of silk and weave being used, the weight of the silk, the color or pattern of the silk and the fit of the pajamas. All of these factors and more affect the quality, price, and feel of the pajama set. Use this guide to help you learn all about Mens Silk Pajamas and how to find a pair that fits all of your requirements. 

Mens Silk Pajamas

In this guide you'll find everything you need to know about Mens Silk Pajamas, including information on:

  • Best types of silk
  • Best types of silk weave for Silk Pajamas 
  • The best weight (momme) for Silk Pajamas 
  • Different styles of Mens Silk Pajamas 
  • Different fits of Mens Silk Pajamas 
  • How to wash, dry, and iron Silk Pajamas
Let's get started! 

    Types of Silk 

    There are four different kinds of natural silk that exist, and those four are called: Mulberry silk, Muga silk, Tasar silk and Eri silk. While most natural fabrics are produced by plants, silk is actually produced by an insect; the silkworm.

    Each type of silk is produced by a different kind of silkworm each type of silk ultimately ends up with their own unique set of features and qualities. Using these natural silk fibers a variety of different types of silks can be made including: 

    • Mulberry Silk 
    • Charmeuse 
    • Shantung
    • Silk Satin 
    • Chiffon 
    • Georgette
    • Dupion
    • Habotai
    • Broadcloth
    • ...and more

    These various types of silk textiles are all made using one of the 4 strains of silk, and then processed by using various styles of weaves and finishing procedures to create the end product. 

    For the best and most luxurious types of Mens Silk Pajamas you want to look for pajamas with a satin weave made from Mulberry Silk

    Mulberry Silk

    The finest and most popular type of silk in the world is Mulberry silk, which accounts for 85-90 percent of global silk production. 

    Mulberry silk is produced when silkworms (Bombyx mori) are fed an abundence of Mulberry leaves and grow to full size. These silkworms take about 6 weeks to grow to full size, and then approximately 3-8 days to spin a full cocoon. This cocoon is then processed and eventually becomes the distinctive silk mulberry fabric that we have all come to enjoy. 

    Mulberry silk is considered the be the finest type of silk for a myriad of reasons, some of which being that: 

    • Mulberry Silk is incredibly breathable and soft 
    • Mulberry Silk is hypoallergenic 
    • Mulberry Silk is durable 
    • Mulberry Silk is odorless 
    • Mulberry Silk is more uniform in texture compared to other types of silk 
    • Mulberry Silk produces the longest strands of silk 

    Although China is often regarded as a place that only produces low cost and sometimes low quality goods, there is no doubt that China is the undisputed King when it comes to making the finest and most luxurious Mulberry Silk on Earth. 

    Silk was originally discovered in China at a time estimated to be around 3600 BC, when a silk cocoon fell into the tea cup of the Empress Leizu during her afternoon tea in the garden. This began thousands of years of silk trade stemming from China, and presently the country still dominates the global market for silk production and trade. China produces about 60% of the global Mulberry silk volume per year, and produces almost 6 times the volume of distant 2nd India. 

    To learn more about Mulberry Silk, please check out our complete and comprehensive article on the subject entitled: What is Mulberry Silk?

    Silk Satin

    Satin is often a confusing term and many people don't actually understand what satin actually. Many people think that "satin" is by itself a type of fabric, however, this is wrong. 

    The word "satin" simply indicates a type of weave.  There are many different types of weaves that exist including:

    • Plain Weave
    • Rib Weave
    • Waffle Weave
    • Sateen Weave
    • Herringbone Weave
    • Jacquard Weave
    • Satin Weave
    • and more

    Satin needs to be paired with a fibre to become fabric. In the case of Silk Satin, silk is the fiber or "threads", and satin is the weave. This "satin" weave can be used on a range of fibers both natural and synthetic such as:

    • silk
    • cotton
    • spandex
    • polyester
    • nylon
    • and more

    The words "silk" and "satin" are often tied together because silk is the most treasured type of satin, however it is completely wrong to automatically assume a fabric is silk simply because it is also a "satin."

    Retailers often mislead buyers, possibly intentionally, by aggressively marketing a garment as satin while knowing that most buyers will assume the fabric is silk. However, most of the time when a garment is advertised as satin, it is actually a satin polyester fabric, which is much cheaper and much less luxurious than silk. 

    You can see examples of this misleading advertising here. 

    Silk Satin is far more valuable and superior to all other satins for a number of reasons:

    • Silk Satin is much more comfortable than other types of satin. 
    • Silk Satin is breathable. Polyester satin for example, is clingy and sticky. 
    • Silk Satin is breezy. Synthetic satins become hot and muggy. 
    • Silk Satin doesn't attract static electricity, synthetic satins do. 
    • Silk Satin carries a very rich and vibrant color to a level that synthetic satins cannot achieve
    • Silk Satin has an incredibly smooth and seamless surface 

    Silk Satin is a rich and luxurious fabric that looks as sensational as it feels. It is a highly sought after fabric because of its strength, comfort, breathability, and beauty. When it comes to Men's Silk Pajamas if you are looking for the highest quality, your first choice should be a Silk Satin Set made out of 100% Mulberry silk. 

    For more information about the satin weave and all of its intricacies please check out our post about Silk and Satin here.  

    Silk Thickness (Momme) 

    The unit of measurement we refer to when talking about the weight of silk is called "momme."

    When it comes to wearable silk garments, the momme is a number generally between 12 and 25. This number gives us information not only relating to the density of the threads in the fabric, but also gives us a general understanding about the quality of the fabric.

    NOTE: the abbreviation for momme is "mm"

    When considering momme, the higher the number is the better the quality is assumed to be. So 22mm will be a more valuable fabric than a 16mm silk satin. 

    Many times you will find silk garments that are either 16mm or 19mm.

    You will observe that silk fabric at 12mm will be a soft, high quality, and durable fabric, however it is also a little thin. 12mm silk is somewhat sheer and will usually only be used for scarves or light blouses that are meant to be worn with a shirt underneath. 

    19mm silk is a sophisticated, comfortable and luxurious fabric. When it comes to mens 19mm Silk Pajama Sets in particular, shoppers have a myriad of quality options. 

    However if we want the finest type of silk pajamas, the fabric being used undoubtedly needs to be 22 momme mulberry silk satin. 

    22mm silk satin carries approximately 20% more silk per square inch than a 19mm silk fabric. The 22mm silk satin is an incredibly dense weave that protects the brilliant shimmer and shine of the silk fabric at a much higher level, giving you roughly double the lifespan when compared to 19mm silk satin.

    22mm silk will be slightly more expensive than a 19mm silk, however the increase in durability will allow you to wear the garment for a much longer length of time. 19mm silk satin is an excellent choice, however 22mm silk satin is the absolute best.

    25mm silk satin is too thick and heavy, and generally speaking is not used to make clothing. 25mm silk is more well suited to make items like sheets, pillowcases, drapes, and wedding gowns. 

    22mm silk satin is the perfect melody of strength, durability, comfort, style, and luxury when it comes to Mens Silk Pajamas. 

    If you are still confused about the term "momme" and what it means, please find our full article explaining momme in great detail. 

    Styles of Mens Silk Pajamas 

    Men's Silk Pajamas come in a variety of different styles that target buyers that have a wide range of needs and preferences. For example, if you live in a winter region like Sweden or Canada, you may prefer to wear solid colored long sleeve silk pajama sets. However someone living in a warmer location such as Portugal or Florida, may prefer a colorfully patterned short sleeve silk pajama set.

    No matter which style of silk pajamas you enjoy wearing, you will quickly realize that a good pair of silk pajamas is more than just sleepwear. Silk pajamas are also appropriate to wear while lounging around the house or quite possibly even when there are guests over.

    Men's Silk Pajama sets are equally as comfortable as they are fashionable, which is why they fall into the category of "loungewear" and not just "sleepwear." Some silk pajama sets are so nice that you may even be tempted to wear them outside! 

    Long Sleeve 

    The long sleeve pajama set is the most iconic and traditional style when it comes to Men's Silk Pajama designs. The long sleeve set consists of a long sleeve button up shirt paired with full length pants. 

    The long sleeve silk pajama set is sophisticated, fashionable, reliable and ultra comfortable.  You'll be rushing home from work early just to get out of your work clothes and into your silk loungewear for the rest of the evening. 

    Though long sleeves and winter are a perfect match, don't neglect the fact that silk is cool and breathable so even during the tropical summer months you can still comfortably rock your long sleeve set.

    That being said, we all know Winter and Pajamas go together like copy and paste, and the long sleeve silk pajama set is certainly an essential winter wardrobe. A high quality long sleeve silk pajama set is well worth the purchase given all the time we spend at home inside during those long and chilly winter months. 

    Short Sleeve 

    Short sleeve silk pajama sets are great to wear during spring and summer time, as well as during your quarterly tropical vacation. Short sleeve silk pajama sets typically come with a short sleeve button up shirt paired with shorts cut to or just above the knee.

    A short sleeve silk pajama set still provides the same deluxe level of comfort and style that comes with the long sleeve set, but may be better suited for those humid summer months. Short sleeve pajama sets are incredibly fashionable and I think most people would feel comfortable wearing them not only at home during nighttime but also while lounging around during the day. 

    When that tropical vacation you've been waiting for finally comes around, bringing a short sleeve silk pajama set with you makes all the difference. After those long days swimming, hiking, drinking, or exploring, its always nice to get back to the hotel, put on some silk pajamas and smoke a cigar out on the balcony while watching the waves come in.


    The are times when you can find pajama sets that are mixed, for example:

    • Long sleeve shirt with shorts 
    • Short sleeve shirt with pants 

    There may also come a time when you have so many different sets that you are able to just mix and match styles depending on your mood and environment. 

    Modern Fit 

    Pajamas, like other types of garments, often come in styling options such as  skinny, slim, regular, straight, or loose. Although pajamas will always have a more loose and relaxed fit, some of the newer men's pajama brands use a slimmer more tapered fit, especially around the torso and legs. 

    This modern fit often appeals to the younger demographic that prefers a slimmer fit in almost all types of apparel while also appealing to men with a more slender body type. 

    While the modern fit is slimmer and uses more tapered cuts around the legs and torso, you will still find the pajamas to be more loose and relaxed, as pajamas should be. Pajamas always use relaxed measurements to ensure the garment is breathable and to ensure maximum comfort and mobility while wearing it. 

    Classic Fit 

    The Classic Fit silk pajama set is the traditional loose fit with the straight cut, and is more loose than the Modern Fit Pajama Set. 

    The Classic Fit offers a high level of comfort and mobility, and is a great fit for Men with a heavier build. This type of fit is of course suitable for men of all body types, however if you are a bigger man, its most likely you will favor a pajama set with a Classic Fit. 

    Check out our full collection of premium 100% Mulberry Silk Men's Pajamas here. 

    How to Wash, Dry and Iron Your Silk Pajamas 

    Some men may choose to take their silk pajamas to the dry cleaner, while others may feel comfortable washing their silk at home. I'm guessing that most men, myself included, think that washing silk at home is too difficult, so they just turn to the dry cleaners instead. However, after learning how to wash my silk pajamas at home, I actually prefer to wash them myself most of the time. 

    Washing your silk pajamas at home is not as complicated as you may think and its actually quite easy and can be completed in just a few simple steps.  We can choose to wash our silk pajamas either by hand or machine. I personally prefer hand washing but both methods work just as well and are described below. 

    NOTE: When washing silk NEVER use chlorine bleach. It will damage the silk fibers. Also, NEVER dry your silk in direct sunlight, and NEVER use a dryer to tumble dry your silk. 

    How to Wash Silk Pajamas By Hand 

    1. First you need to fill a basin with cool to lukewarm water and then submerge the pajamas in the water. The water should be no hotter than 25C/77F which should feel slightly warmer than room temperature to touch.
    2. Next, add a few drops of specialized silk detergent, or detergent for delicates. Once you have done that, proceed to use your hands in stirring the detergent and water together.
    3. Leave the silk pajamas soaking in the water for approximately 3 minutes.
    4. Use your hands to gently move the clothes up, down, and around in the water to remove any dirt, scents, or stains.
    5. Remove the pajamas from the water, and rinse under fresh cold water until the water runs clear and the soap has been completely washed out.
    6. Use a soft towel to absorb the water from the pajamas. Do not twist, pull, wring, squeeze or rub the pajamas. Simply lay them flat on the towel (pants and shirt separately), and fold the other half of the towel on top. Proceed to press the towel together to remove moisture. Be very gentle.
    7. Put the pajamas on a drying rack or hanger and be sure to store the garment out of contact with direct sunlight. Do not put the garment in direct sunlight and do not use the dryer. 

    How to Wash Silk Pajamas by Machine

    1. Check for colorfastness, also known as color bleeding. Do this by dampening a small part of the pajamas, and then dabbing it with a white towel to see if the color bleeds.
    2. Wash the pajamas only with other soft and delicate fabrics. DO NOT wash your silk pajamas  with heavy clothes such as jeans, or other garments with zippers and ornaments.
    3. Put the pajamas in a washing bag for delicate clothes. This will protect the silk from damage.
    4. Do not overload the machine. Make sure there is a fair amount of free space so there won't be much abrasion.
    5. Add a silk detergent or delicate clothing detergent. Make sure you DO NOT use detergent made for regular/general clothing and also NEVER use bleach.
    6. Set the washer to a delicate wash cycle and the shortest duration spin cycle. Be sure to use the cool water setting.
    7. After washing, use a soft towel to absorb the water from the silk pajamas. Do not twist, wring, squeeze or rub the garment. Simply lay the pajamas (shirt or pants, one at a time) flat on the towel, and fold the other half of the towel on top. Proceed to press the towel together to remove moisture. Be gentle. 
    8. You can either choose to hang the pajamas or lay them flat, but no matter what NEVER use the dryer and NEVER store silk pajamas in direct sunlight.

    How to Iron Silk Pajamas 

    1. Pajamas are required to be damp when ironing. This means you can iron the pajamas just after you have washed and lightly dried them. If the garment is dry please use a spray bottle to add moisture. DO NOT iron dry silk pajamas. DO NOT iron soaking wet silk pajamas. The pajamas just need to be damp, not too wet nor too dry.
    2. After the pajamas have been dampened, turn them inside out, and lay them flat on an ironing board.
    3. DO NOT press the iron directly onto the silk pajamas. Lay a thin towel, press cloth, pillow case, or handkerchief on top of your silk pajamas while you iron. Under any circumstance DO NOT apply the iron directly on to the silk.
    4. If your iron has a "silk" setting, please use that. If not, just use the lowest heat setting. 
    5. Attempt to minimize the usual dragging or sliding motion of the iron. Instead, it is better to briefly press the iron on the wrinkled areas. Only press the iron for a brief moment or else you may burn the pajamas. Silk burns easily.
    6. To avoid making new wrinkles, it is advised to leave the garments on the ironing board until it is cool and dry. After it is ready, turn the pajamas inside out once more so the outside of the shirt and pants is showing again.
    7. Another quick and simple option for removing wrinkles is to hang the garment in the bathroom while you shower. The steam and heat help flatten out any small wrinkles. (In many instances you can simply hang the pajamas in a cool dry place for 1-2 days to remove small wrinkles)
    8. When finished, please hang the pajamas in a dry and cool area without any amount of direct sunlight. 

    For even more information about washing silk pajamas take a look at our full guide on how to wash silk pajamas.

    To learn about all types of silk care, please visit our Silk Care Hub

      Where To Buy Mens Silk Pajamas 

      1000 Kingdoms

      1000 Kingdoms specializes in Mens Silk Pajamas and only uses top quality 22mm 100% Mulberry Silk Satin for all their pajama sets. Their designs are modern and fresh, and the colors they choose are vibrant and gleaming. 

      The Pajama Sets from 1000 Kingdoms are well priced and premium quality, an excellent choice for any man looking for a deluxe set of 100% Silk Pajamas.

      Mens Blue Silk Pajama Set 1000 Kingdoms


      Nordstrom has mens silk pajamas mainly from 2 brands, which are Versace and Majestic International. 

      The Versace designs are nice for those who are willing to foot the bill. A Versace silk pajama shirt will cost you around $1,500 while the pants go for $1,200 a pair.

      There are also a number of Majestic International designs. The designs are quite classic or traditional (some might say boring) and employ colors such as solid black, blue, or grey.  

      Harry Rosen 

      Harry Rosen has a broad range of sleepwear but carries a very limited range of Mens Silk Pajamas.

      Saks Fifth Ave.

      Sakes Fifth Ave. carries a wide selection of Mens Loungewear including mens silk pajamas from brands such as Versace, Tom Ford, and Palm Angels.  


      Lahgo has some very basic yet effective designs for their mens silk pajamas. Their short sleeve set and long sleeve sets can be purchased for around $280 to $325. Sets come in a number of different solid colors including green, black, blue and orange.